We know that we are dealing with sensitive information from both your company and your employees. We store all of your reports and correspondence on secure, encrypted servers in Canada. As long as your subscription is still valid, we will keep copies of all of your data. This ensures that you can immediately access it if needed in the event of either legal or regulatory actions.


In addition, we conduct all of our investigations discretely. When investigating a complaint or incident, we cannot protect the privacy of the person submitting the claim. After all, an accused has a right to know who has accused him or her and the details of the accusation. However, we ensure the only people who know about the complaint are the person instigating the incident report, the accused, all witnesses and senior management who must ultimately decide on an appropriate punishment. All of our notes and reports are also stored on our servers to help ensure that they are not accessed by either internal or external personnel who are not part of the incident investigation.


We store all of our data on servers located in Canada.  That ensures that your data cannot be accessed or fall under the laws of foreign governments.  We use SSL security encryption.  Although WPV uses industry standard practices to protect your information, due to technical limitations, WE DO NOT REPRESENT, WARRANT AND/OR GUARANTEE THAT PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL REMAIN SECURE. Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee, and you should not expect, that your Personal Information or private communications will always remain private. Notwithstanding this, as a matter of policy, we NEVER sell or rent any Personal Information about you to any third party and will continue to take all extraordinary precautions to protect your data.