Workplace Violence and Harassment Investigation Services

Independent Workplace Violence and Harassment Investigation Services


Most organizations at some point will be faced with a complaint involving harassment or discrimination. If a complaint is made, an organization is required to investigate the incident in a full and fair manner. The employer’s response must be informedreasonable and proportionate. If not handled properly, the harassment complaint can turn into expensive legal action.  In addition, the negative publicity can also damage your reputation with both customers, vendors and employees.


An internal harassment investigation, even if done properly, can lead to charges of bias and conflict of interest.  This can increase the potential for legal action.  Investigations must not only be fair and unbiased but appear to be fair and unbiased.


Our highly trained, experienced investigators can provide you with an independent investigation into any workplace complaints that arise. Less expensive than a lawyer, our highly trained investigators will create a complete report that is both fair and balanced. Our investigations are done discretely. We specialize in workplace harassment and are able to be completely independent in our investigation.


Our process includes:

  • A complete 3 part investigation plan;
  • In person interviews with complainant, defendant and witnesses;
  • Court-ready report with detailed explanations on the findings of the investigation and rationale;
  • Analysis that are supported by facts; and
  • Recommendations that are reasonable and proportionate to the incident.


Significantly less expensive than hiring a law firm, our investigations and reports are fully compliant with the law.  We ensure that your response is the right one.


The Harassment Investigation Process

The process of a harassment investigation can be stressful and confusing.  Click here to access our FAQ section on the most common questions about harassment investigations.  These include questions about what type of incidences to report, what to expect during an investigation and how to prepare yourself for an investigation.

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