Safeguarding the impact of
small/medium sized businesses

AI2HR asks the important questions...

What kind of damage can an accusation from a disgruntled employee or former employee cause your organization? A fortune in legal costs?!? Wasted time?!? Audits and non-compliance fines from government agencies?!? Damage to your reputation?!?

Optimize your business with AI2HR

Running a business is all about risk. As you grow, the risk becomes more significant. You have to delegate more and have less direct contact with your staff. The biggest risk is that you get so bogged down in trying to mitigate risk that you can spend time building the business.

AI2HR is your one stop solution for your small business.

  • Identify human resource risk at up to a 97% accuracy rate
  • Identify the smallest problem in the largest team before it becomes a crisis
  • Automate a wide range of health and safety compliance requirments
  • Communicate policies and procedures
  • Provide tools for employee engagement and performance
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