Software for
Risk Managers

Up to 97% Accuracy in Real Time Measuring H.R. and Health & Safety Risk

Effective risk management entails an accurate, timely view of what is happening now within your organization. One of the most difficult, yet critical, areas to measure risk is human resources and culture. Engagement surveys are notoriously not accurate in assessing risk. We used data from 3 different sources to provide accurate and real time risk assessment.


Validated Risk Assessment for Benchmark Data

This is done through our 65 question risk assessment. Developed with St. Mary’s University in Halifax, this risk assessment differs from an engagement survey in that is measures risk and evaluates risk in 12 different organizational areas under 4 different categories. The risk assessment has been validated to be accurate at +/- 3% (our roughly 97% of the time). The risk assessment is not an engagement survey and actually measures a number of organizational risks such as culture, workplace, supports and policies & procedures.

Configurable Incident Reporting and CMS for Real Time Data

Our configurable incident reporting allows your people to communicate their issues before they become crisis. The incident can be routed to any sources you want as part of your configuration and the case management system allows you to keep notes and update the status of the incident. By taking the data from the incident reporting system, you will be able to see what are the issues that the organization is facing now. The data allows you to assess what how initiatives and changes to the risk assessment are happening in real time.

Passive Data

Our system allows configuration of demographic information as well as monitoring such passive data as turnover, response rates to the risk assessment and other passive data provides you with important insights into each team of your organization.

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