You are only as good as the data you have.

Our technology can be accessed remotely through any SMART/e-device and is easy to use.  

Data & Dashboard​

By combining benchmarked, real time and passive data, we provide a comprehensive snapshot of each team within your organization​

Compliance made easy ​

Helps you show due diligence and detects problems before they become a crisis for the organization using the most stringent legal standards​

Effective resource targeting​

Precisely pinpoint the smallest issue in the smallest team (of >7 people) within the largest organization.​

Impact measurement​

What gets measured gets done! Our data allows you to understand and define the success of your human resources initiatives​

How our software works

Identifies risk in 12 organizational areas

Ability to breakdown risks for each team

Broken down to teams >7

Identifies high risk individuals

Track confidential incident reports


Trackable to allow the end user

Customizable on incidents that organization wants to track

Configurable routing ensures right people see the right information when they need it 

Allows the end user to track the status of their incident reports

Completely configurable to meet the organization’s needs

Allows the organization to easily manage cases in a confidential manner

Upload reports and memos to support outcomes for each incident

Configurable to connect to your e-learning system or utilize ours

Provide and track mandatory training through e- or smart devices

Easily upload and delete important learning modules that are unique to your organization

Easily upload and delete productivity tools that your people can access easily.

Ensure consistency and compliance by easily uploading and deleting important administrator resources you want to share with other managers and administrators in your organization.

Perfect for sharing 360 templates, pulse surveys and other tools and templates you want

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