Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Workplace Violence and Harassment Laws

Nova Scotia bullying legislation is aimed more toward higher targets of potential physical workplace violence, such as healthcare/education/police, etc. Legislation here is currently more geared toward threats from customers/clients/students and doesn’t specifically deal with harassment. Those conditions would fall under the OSHA, which is federal legislation.

Relevant Statutes:

Occupational Health and Safety Act, S.N.S. 1996, c. 7 [‘OHSA’]; Violence in the Workplace Regulations, N.S. Reg. 209/2007 [‘VWR’]
*These requirements apply to any workplace where the primary business is health services, ambulance or emergency health services, medical services, dental services, veterinary services, blood collection services, testing and diagnostic services, pharmaceutical-dispensing services, education services, policing services, detective services, correctional services, probation services, security services, retail services, delivery services, financial services, taxi services, passenger transit services, gaming activities, or homemaker’s services.


Occupational Health and Safety Division:
Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia:
Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission:

Workplace Violence Definition:

”threats, including a threatening statement or threatening behaviour that gives an employee reasonable cause to believe that the employee is at risk of physical injury, or conduct (or attempted conduct) that endangers the physical health or physical safety of an employee.” (VWR, s. 2)

What is Needed to be Compliant

• Training on how to respond to an at-risk situation
• A way to report incidences of violence or threatening situations

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