Onsite Business Performance Training


Not all training can be done effectively through e-learning and online. In addition to our e-learning courses, we offer a full range of performance-enhancing courses. Our programs are designed to give people and organizations the tools to become top performers and measure their performance. We understand that each organization is unique so we tailor all of our courses to make sure that they are specifically relevant to you and your organization. We are proud to offer Flexible ThinkerĀ® courses (www.oyginc.com/flexiblethinker1/flexiblethinker/) that are designed to help your people focus on solutions and not problems. Through our partnership with companies such TRO Maintenance Solutions (www.trosolutions.com) and OYG Consulting Inc. (www.oyginc.com), we can offer a complete range of onsite training to help you build a high performance, safe culture.