Investigation Services

Investigations are a critical – but contentious – part of managing your workforce. The value of a proper investigation cannot be overstated. A proper investigation is important in enforcing discipline and company policies and is required by a number of laws. Any organization that either does not conduct an investigation or mismanages one exposes itself to a wide variety of legal and regulatory liability.

We can help.

Our process uses 4 stages to ensure thoroughness, fairness, and accuracy

We have trained workplace health and safety investigators who guarantee you a proper and thorough investigation. Our investigations offer follow the rules of procedural fairness and are completely transparent to all parties to ensure fairness.

Review Stage

Review of initial complaint and supporting documentation

Interview Stage

Interviews of the Complainant, Respondent and any witnesses.  We provide transcripts at the end of all interviews for the interviewee to read and sign off on.  We also tape all interviews so that we have a full understanding of the testimony for later analysis.

Summary Stage

Summary Statement of Facts that are sent to both the Complainant and Respondent that summarizes their testimony and documentation.  This is done before analysis to provide both parties with an additional opportunity to add to or clarify the record.

Report Stage

Final report that details both the final outcome, analysis and support of the findings and recommended steps to either address or prevent the issue in the future.


We also provide training to help you do your own internal investigations. Using case study simulations, we can help ensure that internal investigations are done as per best practice. We also includes templates and guides for your internal use.

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