Protecting healthcare professionals

An HIPAA compliant system that is designed for healthcare.

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We know healthcare is unique. Healthcare faces the greatest challenge of workplace violence. It is the #1 cause for turnover in healthcare, especially among nurses and other frontline professionals. In addition, healthcare faces time consuming health and safety compliance reporting.

Our unique technology allows you to:

  • Predict and prevent workplace violence and harassment that leads to turnover
  • Automate health and safety reporting
  • Identify and resolve minor issues before they become major crisis
  • Mitigate the risk of legal and regulatory action​

Benefits of AI2HR for healthcare

Attract and retain top healthcare talent

Synthesize several systems into one

Create a safer workplace for your staff

Pull highly detailed, accurate and real-time risk reports within minutes

Provide a way to communicate with your people in real time

Mitigate the risk of legal and regulatory actions



A Panic Button that Automates Reporting

Developed to address workplace violence in healthcare,
the Threat Mitigator™ is a portable RFID device that can automatically generate incident reports.

This device can be used as a panic button and features:

  • Immediate emergency alarm to summon security
  • Automatically generate and route incident reports to ensure proper reporting and follow-up
  • Recording capabilities
  • Physical location tracked to better than +- 3.0m accuracy guaranteed
  • Multiple activation modes and alert levels
  • Wireless w/ system continuous self-test​
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