Frequently Asked Questions

What does it Mean to be WPV Approved?

That means that an organization has utilized a comprehensive gold package WPV package.  This means that WPV Corp. acts as an independent third party ombudsman to handle the area of workplace violence and  harassment.  It means that a validated risk assessment is done every year to help prevent workplace violence and harassment and all incidents are handled appropriately and in confidence.  It means that we are partners with the organization to help prevent workplace violence and harassment; react to incidences in a timely manner when they arise; and enforce in a fair and impartial manner company policies regarding workplace violence regardless of how senior a person is within the organization.  It means that the organization takes their obligations to create a safe, violence-free workplace seriously regardless of organizational politics.

Can I Make a Complaint in Complete Confidentiality?

No.  No complaint can ever be completely confidential.  The accused has the right to know what allegations are being made against them and who is making them.  The idea of having the WPV platform in place is to help ensure confidentiality.  As part of the software, an organization can assign an investigator, including external resources such as WPV Corp.  If the individual will not accept any person or organization the company has agreed to, then the complaint is not considered to be formally made.

If I Use the WPV Platform, Will I Automatically Become Compliant with Workplace Violence/Harassment Legislation?

No.  Even though the software helps you achieve compliance easily, simply having it cannot make you compliant any more than accounting software makes you compliant with either Revenue Canada or the I.R.S.  Only the organization can own their own compliance.

What About Retaliation or Retribution for Making a Complaint of Harassment or Workplace Violence?

Under the law in almost every state and province, you have the right to submit an incident without fear of retaliation.  The WPV platform is there to help ensure that retaliation does not happen.  The law as well in both Canada and many U.S. states clearly says that you have a right to an independent 3rd party to take If the organization refuses to have an independent third party take incident complaints and investigate them.  The WPV platform and program are designed with safeguards to ensure that incidents can be submitted without fear of retribution.


What is Your Vetting Process?

Our vetting process is designed to review all incidents and ensure they meet the standard for harassment and workplace violence.  Once we receive an incident, one of our investigators reviews it.  They then set up a call with the Complainant to find out more details about the incident.  They also discuss with the Complainant what could be done to resolve the situation.  Next the investigator may contact the Respondent to hear their side of the issue and what happened.  If the incident does not rise to the level of harassment but indicates issues within the organization, the investigator submits their findings and report with recommendations on how to resolve the situation.

The next step is to try to mediate a resolution between the two parties.  This can be done either internally or externally by WPV.

If the incident does rise to the level of harassment or workplace violence and mediation either does not work or one of the parties does not agree to it, then a full investigation will be done by a qualified, trained, independent investigator.  This investigator will not have any previously dealings with the incident before an investigation in order to remain fair and impartial.

C lick here to download a workflow showing how our vetting process.


Are you Title XX Investigators?

Yes.  Part XX to the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHSR) under the Canada Labour Code set out the obligations of an employer if it receives a complaint of “workplace violence” (defined in the COHSR as“any action, conduct, threat or gesture of a person towards an employee in their work place that can reasonably be expected to cause harm, injury or illness to that employee”). The COHSR defins a Title XX investigator as, “a person is a “competent person” to conduct a workplace violence investigation if he or she is “impartial and is seen by the parties to be impartial” and has the “necessary knowledge, training and experience”.


Can I Modify the Risk Assessment?

No.  The risk assessment survey has been tested and validated to be accurate to a greater has been proven to 97% probability to predict the risk factors that lead to workplace violence.  The risk instrument is a proven survey that is used to generate a thorough report of your organization.  Featuring approximately 67 statements, it only takes a person (on average) less than 5 minutes to complete.  The questions we use have been vetted. We then use an algorithm to generate the comprehensive risk assessment. The report provides senior management with a and accurate and complete overview of their organization’s health and safety risks relating to workplace violence, harassment and sexual harassment.


Is the Survey Completely Confidential?

Yes.  The software is designed in such a way that you would literally have to break into the coding to find out who completed the survey.  It is virtually impossible for any organization to see anybody’s answers.


Can I Use the Platform to Report Emergency Situations?

The WPV platform  is NOT designed as an emergency service.  Our Incident Reporting software is designed to create a report immediately after the event has taken place.

In the event of an emergency, either call 9-1-1 or follow your organization’s emergency plan to get to safety.


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