Data Driven HR

Accurate data for understanding risk, creating impactful strategies, increasing performance, and managing people effectively.

Our unique technology makes your life easier
by combining several systems into one

What gets measured gets done

limit your liability, mitigate your risk and cost, save money

Swipe below to find out how AI2HR impacts your organizational strategy

Precisely pinpoints

potential problems in real time

Targets Resources

effectively and efficiently


risk proactively

Human Data

All of it is held on our secure cloud to ensure security, privacy and accessibility by an e-device or smart phone anywhere at anytime.


Our Specialization‚Äč

Our technology is analytical intelligence in that it provides data to create smart solutions.  It collects data from multiple sources, both active and passive.

Validated Measurement

Identifies risk in 12 organizational areas

Incident Reporting

Configurability ensures the right people see the right information

Case Management

Easily manageable cases in a confidential manner

Data-based Reports

Precisely identifies helpful insights

Tracking capability

Allows the end user to track the status of their incident reports

Productivity Tools

Option to upload and delete productivity tools your people can access easily

Our Expert Team

We designed a tool that could address a large number
of issues, create accurate real time data, and pinpoint
issues accurately that can be broken down to the smallest team within the largest organization.

Access to timely data leads to more effective decision making.

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