WPV Software

A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business


WPV Software:

The cost of the software is $399.

Annual monitoring fee is $6 per employee.

The software includes:

  • The Risk Assessment Application. This software application generates a comprehensive workplace violence risk assessment of your organization. The report allows you to be compliant with all workplace violence and safety legislation mandates requiring a yearly risk assessment. In addition, it provides you with a complete snapshot of your organization’s culture. This 22 page report will also detail what needs to be done to ensure you are both compliant with the law and how you can become a more effective, engaged workplace.
  • The Incident Reporting Application. The incident reporting application is designed to provide you and your staff with an easy and secure way to report incidences of workplace violence, harassment or other concerns. The application generates a report that details any incident where somebody has felt endangered. The report is then automatically logged in and sent to WPV for secure storage. We immediately notify you of the incident to ensure proper investigation. Our software allows an investigator to take notes on the incident and close when the outcome of the incident has been investigated.

All incident reports are also kept on our secure servers, along with notes and correspondence relating to any incident reports that are submitted. In addition, we hold onto all risk assessments on our servers to allow you to see the progress that your organization is making in building a culture of safety.

Zero Tolerance Policy Statement and Other Legal Documentation:

The cost is $99.

The law states that you have to have a zero tolerance policy toward workplace violence and safety. We can provide you with a legally-approved zero tolerance statement and help in implementing it to ensure that you are compliant with the law. We also have other documents available such as:
  • Employment contracts for new hires
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) that you can use with staff and vendors
  • Performance review templates

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable provincial taxes are not included and will be charged at checkout. The final price paid reflects payment for the first year in advance.


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