WPV Software

A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business


Our pricing depends on a number of variables.  These include:

  • Type of package you need
  • Size of your organization
  • Risk assessment
  • Full investigation services

Whether you are large or small, we work hard to find the right package to meet your needs.  Our packages include everything from the basic software and hosting to training, vetting and investigations.   It is our goal to work with you to create a safe workplace that is compliant with the law.  We help ensure you can limit your risk of liability.

We provide you with the support you need to prevent lawsuits, government actions and audits.  Please call us at 1-844-WPV-CORP or write to us at info@wpvcorp.com to discuss a quote.

Let us help you protect both your organization and the people who work there.  We provide a cost-efficient way to build a violence-free workplace.