WPV Corp.

A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business


On behalf of LTP Financial, I want to write you a brief note about how the WPV software has helped our business. As you know, we recently had to deal with a disgruntled employee whom we let go. He brought a suit against us in the Human Rights’ Tribunal complaining of harassment and complained to the Ministry of Labour.


As a small business we did not realize at the time of the wide-ranging requirements regarding workplace violence and safety that we were not in compliance with until this lawsuit. Your software was easy-to-use and literally saved us dozens of hours in work to put a program in place and strengthened our case before the Tribunal and saved us from being fined by the Ministry. I know that if we had had the software in place before the employee was terminated, he would never have been able to bring the complaint against us and we would have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees. Even our lawyer agreed that having your software in place has not only helped mitigate any penalties from the Tribunal but will help prevent this from happening in the future.


Thanks to your software, I am now confident that we are compliant with Ontario’s health and safety laws and compliant with current legislation.

Gene Mina,
General Manager & Controller,
LTP Financial