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In the News

Workplace violence is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of issues.  It includes injuries and risks from aggression.  In includes assaults from customers, patients or co-workers.  It includes harassment and bullying.  It includes sexual harassment and assault.  Whatever the  cause, workplace violence makes the news.  It not only can lead to significant fines and lawsuits, it makes front page news and can significantly impact your business.  The Board and leadership are responsible for any incident of workplace violence in their organization even if they had nothing to do with it!

Here are some links to articles that help you understand the risk to both yourself and your organization.

CEOs Fired Over Sexual Harassment

It can quickly bankrupt an entire company within days

Harassment exists at all levels of the organization

Organizations face huge liability premiums

Hospitals are Fined when Nurses Assaulted by Patients

Ignoring the problem can lead to licences being pulled and million dollar losses

#MeToo Can be a Ticking Time Bomb for Your Organization

Restating the Obvious

The stories are too numerous to include.  You do not have to be a sleuth to see all of the stories about workplace violence in the news.  It impacts everybody.  No matter how ‘important’ or ‘senior’ you are, workplace violence can be the quickest way to end your career.  It does not matter if you are a billion dollar corporation or a small organization, workplace violence can lead to your immediate demise.  Even if you had nothing to do with it, if it happened on your watch and you did not want to know, you are liable.

Ask yourself – do you want to be the next one in the news?  If not, contact us.  We can protect you and your organization.