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January 8, 2018  WPV Quoted in Forbes Article on Sexual Harassment

How The Sexual Harassment Claims Could Harm Women In Hollywood discusses the impact of sexual harassment allegations on senior executive hiring within the entertainment industry.


December 5, 2017  – WPV and St. Mary’s University Develop Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Sexual Harassment, Harassment and Workplace Violence

Incorporated into New Software System Designed to Mitigate the Risk of Workplace Violence, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

WPV Corp. has designed a risk assessment instrument for workplace violence including sexual harassment. The instrument has been validated in a study performed by St. Mary’s University of Halifax. The study was conducted by Olivier Roncalez, a graduate student in Industrial & Organizational Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Kelloway. Dr. Kelloway is the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology at Saint Mary’s University. He is the founding director of the CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

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November 28, 2017 – WPV Creates Technology to Create a System that Significantly Reduces the Risk of Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence

WPV Corp. Software and Services Create Independent 3rd Party Ombudsman

WPV Corp. has completed development of a software application that is designed to significantly reduce the risk of sexual harassment, harassment and workplace violence.  Three years in development, the software combines an incident reporting system with a validated risk assessment. The aim is to help identify and respond to workplace violence in real time.

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