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Workplace Violence and Harassment Legislation Compliance Checklist

If you are unsure if your business is compliant with workplace violence and harassment legislation similar to Bill 168 in Ontario or Bill 14 in British Columbia use this checklist to identify problem areas. WPV’s affordable and easy compliance packages will ensure your business is compliant now and in the future.

Download checklist here

Here is a general checklist to be compliant with most legislation regarding workplace violence and safety. WPV is designed to help you stay in compliance with the legislation in your jurisdiction regarding workplace violence and safety. For what is exactly required in your province or state, contact your WPV consultant to discuss.
Has Your Business Completed The Following Tasks? Yes No
Prepared a zero tolerance workplace violence policy.
Posted written copies of the policies and posters in common company areas such as coffee areas or lunch rooms.
Completed a yearly assessment of the risk factors of workplace violence.
Advised the joint committee or health and safety representative of the workplace violence risk factor assessment results (or workers where no joint committee or representative exists).
Developed a program to implement the workplace violence and harassment policy that includes:
·How incidents or complaints can be reported if they involve a peer or manager.
· How incidents or complaints can be reported if they involved either senior management or the person whom initially receives the incident report or complain.
· How incidents or complaints will be investigated.
Provide everybody with training on what is workplace violence and harassment, what they should and should not report and how they should act within the workplace.
Provide training on what to do when they suspect that a co-worker may be the victim of domestic abuse.
Ensure precautions are taken for the protection of individuals who may be the victim of domestic abuse.
Provide training to workers where they could be expected to encounter a person with a history of violent behaviour during the course of their work and/or may be exposed to physical injury.
Provide training to workers who may have to either handle or be exposed to hazardous materials.

If you cannot answer YES to all of these items your business is NOT compliant with Workplace Violence and Harassment legislation and could face considerable fines and/or open your business up to potential lawsuits. Contact WPV Corp. today and take advantage of our simple and affordable compliance packages and protect your business.

Download checklist here